Give Me Grace

A daily prayer journey can begin as soon as kids can talk.

6b682206bae68f15adb24d8dbfd0d8e4-w204@1xName: Give Me Grace

Author/ Illustrator: Cynthia Rylant

Publisher: Little Simon Inspirations, Simon & Schuster, 2005

Written for Ages:  2-8

Summary:  Each page of this colorful board book is dedicated to a special prayer for every day of the week. Beginning with Monday, a simple eight-line rhyming prayer is shared for little ones to say or memorize. Every prayer page is devoted to a particular topic for the day. While one day asks for a loving heart for all God’s creatures, the next day asks for wisdom and strength for self. Other days express awareness of the presence of angels, a request for a bright disposition, an uplifted care for friends, gratitude for a thankful heart, and a blessing for a quiet day of rest.   

Scripture Connection:  Psalm 1:2 encourages followers of God to meditate on Him day and night. Psalms 23 and 46 are songs of thankfulness for God’s constant provision. Psalm 91 speaks of dwelling, purposefully abiding, in the shadow of the most High. Psalm 100 shouts for joy to the Lord and entreats His followers to enter his presence with songs of thanksgiving. The book of Psalms is a conversation of daily praises and pleas from its writers to their omnipresent Father. Teaching children from a young age about the powerful importance of daily prayer will have immeasurable impacts in their lives as they grow.

Theological Connection: The book of Psalms reveals King David at his best and worst times. But even at his worst times, he continued to talk to God. The open conversation he maintained with his Creator never stopped. When he was in battle, he cried out to God. When he sinned, he begged for forgiveness. When he was celebrating, he recognized God’s involvement in his victories and brought praise to His name. God desires our relationship, regardless of circumstances.

Justice Connection: Even in this small picture book, justice is shown. The small child asks God to give him/her a kind heart for all God’s creatures on Monday. Throughout the week, the awareness for God’s leadership and involvement in life grows.  

Faith Talk (God Talk):

  1. How many days are in a week?
  2. How many prayers are in this book?
  3. Why should we pray every day?
  4. How can our prayers help other people?

Parenting Connection: As adults, we may pray often throughout the day, but if our prayers are silent, our children will not see them. If we want to instill in our children the desire to have permanent communication with God, then we have to practice it openly where they can see it. Starting when children are young is ideal. Let them hear our prayers at meal times, thanking God for what He has provided. Let them pray with us at bedtime, being thankful for that day’s events or asking for help with unpleasant circumstances. Mornings before school are other times when prayers can be shared. Using simple but authentic prayers teaches children that God doesn’t require fancy language when we talk to Him, but He wants to be included in our daily lives.

You can buy a copy at Amazon or check it out at your local library.



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