Bible Review: The Bible Made Easy – For Kids

The Bible Made Easy-for kids by Dave Strehler is an excellent upper elementary resource. It contains the old familiar stories that kids may have heard in preschool or primary classes and more. In addition to those, it has more in-depth studies of the Israelites’ journey, their kings and judges all the way through Paul’s various missionary journeys and a survey of Revelation. Students and teachers will delve deeper into the Old and New Testaments with the lessons and the mingling of comparable Old and New Testament passages.

11694X.jpgOther features include timelines, charts, and other graphic organizers help learners grasp historical relevance or life applications. These helpful resources make preparing for a meaningful, extended study easier. The individual story illustrations are simple and easy to understand, though perhaps not as timely or helpful as the additional study materials.

This study guide would aid youth or children’s workers who want to provide more in-depth lessons through the Bible. Its readability makes it accessible to children and adolescents who would like to independently take their Bible study to a new level.

You can buy a copy at Amazon or check it out at your local library.



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