Book Review: Say & Pray Devotions

51xal4gqil-_sx361_bo1204203200_Say & Pray Devotions is a hard, softcover book perfect for toddlers beginning to form words. Each spread contains a one-sentence devotion, such as, “God is big, and He made a big world!” There are Bible verses and short little prayers.

The added bonus to this devotion are the words scattered across the pages. The “God is big” devotion, for example, features a beach scene and the words correspond to the pictures – dolphin, sand, seagull, ocean.

At our house, Toddler J flips through the book and asks us to “read.” We read the devotional sentence, the scripture, the prayer, and then she points at the different objects in the picture and we say the words. Some of them, she repeats.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Say & Pray Devotions.

The pictures are bright and offers a range of diversity. One of the things I like about the pictures is that they affirm a father’s presence in a child’s life. In the zoo picture, for example, there is a daddy and little girl at the zoo together.  While they do the same with the mother’s and children, I feel like we do not always see a dad and a child together as often. It is good for the child, and the father, to be affirmed in the father’s role in a child’s life.

Teachable Moments

To those who know of children’s author Diane Stortz,  they are not surprised that this new title is a perfect beginner devotional for little ones. Stortz has sold nearly 300,000 books, including Bible storybooks, devotionals for children, and more, including Baby, Baby!

Say & Pray Devotions is a great way for parents to interact with their toddler for simple scripture reading and praying, introducing basic theological ideas that little minds can grasp. God made animals, God is big, God made my body, God watches over me and more. This little book is also a great resource for the church nursery.

We cannot forget that our littlest theologians have ideas and thoughts about who God is. They are closer to the Creator than we are. Say & Pray Devotions is a great way to help them form the words that shape these ideas.

You can buy a copy at Amazon or check out your local library.


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