Story Bible Review: Planet 316 Story Bible

Name: Planet 316 Story Bible with Augmented Reality

Publisher: WorthyKids/Ideals

Written for ages: 4-7

Ever since the Planet 316 Story Bible arrived at our house, Toddler J has not let it leave her side. We had to read from it right away. In fact, we read most of the Old Testament stories in that one sitting. We continued reading at bedtime.

She loves this new Bible.

The colors are bright and inviting. The Biblical stories are appropriately retold. We had read, and reread, Jacob and Esau, Baby Moses, and Samson. There are over a hundred stories, with hundreds of illustrations.

The note at the beginning of the Bible to parents and grandparents tells the adult reader that this Bible will “introduce your child to the big story of God’s love for all people.” To this end, the illustrations include different hues of skin. For example, Gabriel, who is often depicted as a blond-haired, white-skinned angel is dark haired with brown-skinned.

But wait, there’s more!

The Planet 316 team has included what they call Augmented Reality. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and hold it over the stories, the characters on that page begin moving, and in some cases speaking. It adds another layer of immersion in the Bible story.

Watch a demo:

This is a fun story Bible, with an interactive component. In addition to being used at home, I can see this being a great resource for a church’s children’s ministry setting.

You can buy your own copy at Amazon or check out your local library.

Thanks to WorthyKids/Ideals for a preview copy.


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